Host your child’s birthday party with us!

We offer unique celebrations with art activities for your special day. Whether you want pirates, mermaids, aliens or any theme you can think of, we can make it happen! We’ll design custom art activities and games to make sure your child & guests have a blast!

Our $400 standard package includes:

  • Theme of your choice
  • Up to 12 kids including birthday girl/boy (ages 3-8)
  • 2 art activities + 1 game. 
  • Cake!

Email or use the form below to start planning your customized fiesta with us!

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When would you like to host the party?
Tentative Party time!
Tentative Party time!
Parties last two hours. Most parties we host start at 11AM or 2PM but we are open to any time. Make sure to indicate the minute and second you want your party to start ;)